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This isn't your copy-and-paste, done-for-you, fit-into-this-box-please ... planner

5 tips to get you organized for good

This is the best thing that's happened to organizing your life since a certain Swedish flat-pack-meatball store released their glass food containers (we promise, you need those in your life too) and Sheldon showed us how to fold t-shirts.

Let's be done with those random bits of paper, post-it notes and endless to-do lists hanging about.

Total chaos, running around like a headless chicken, making another cup of coffee or go and sort mail.

No more postponing
we see you washing your hair instead!
or sleepless nights feeling like you won't be able to pull this off.

The Plan.Made way:

 of planmade budget planner cover with pencil to the side

The budget and garden planners are now available in our shop!

Who makes Plan.Made planners?

Jatte, PlanMade's super cool owner

I'm Jatte

Sarah, PlanMade's super cool designer

I'm Sarah

I (Jatte) started Planmade together with my daughter Sarah. She pointed out how everyone keeps telling us we're so organized.

Considering she has a serious chronic illness and I, until recently, had two jobs, that's just what we had to do.

I didn't even realize we were unusually well organized! It's always come naturally to me.

We don't want our planners to gather dust on a shelf, we want you to use them and get organized

Since high school, I've made long lists of everything I needed to get done.

Prioritized based on how long each task would take me and get it done. Looking at other planners out there we found that most are so intense and not very flexible.

I also wondered if people who bought these planners actually got the things done they bought the planners for?

Sarah asked some of her planner loving friends and they all said the same thing; buying a planner made them feel like they would get organized but they never really did.

That's what we wanted to be different for our planners.

With our help, we allow you to come up with a system that works for you. That's the best way we've found to make sure people stick to a plan, to make their own.

You'll know you're on the right track because you've got our guidance in the instructions along the way.

Get Plan.made.

Let us know how you get on! Tag us on social media using #planmade or send us a message.

We love hearing from you,

Jatte and Sarah

Get the printable budget and garden planners now on etsy

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